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I was in a soul crippling relationship. I was living in a run down house that we were renovating ourselves to save money, so it was always dusty, dirty, and messy. It felt like the house represented my relationship and life at the time. One night I was sure I felt a mouse crawl over me, a totally creepy way to wake up. It felt like a sign, something had to change. I knew the relationship was bad but I was also paralyzed by fear. I was not having the confidence to leave despite being aware that his behavior was abusive. I was also working nonstop but had no money available to me and we lived like we were broke.

I had been meditating and learning about energy and the law of attraction. I started feeling what it would feel like to have my new, happy, comfortable life, in a relationship that felt respectful, loving, and safe. I did not think about who it was with, just how it felt. That helped keep my thinking mind out of it. I wrote about my vision of a clean, beautiful home by the water, my soul connection relationship, and doing what I choose and enjoyed for work. Not working for the money but because I chose to do it.

Well, somehow, it became very clear that my relationship was never going to fit my vision so I got the courage to leave. Then an apartment, money, and a new job, all fell into place. I felt free. I started a new relationship with a wonderful man, and it felt like a soul connection from the start. We now live in a beautiful home by the water, a house I had visited on several occasions in my old, sad life! I work a well paying job part-time because I choose to and most days are free to do as we like as a family. We now have a little girl. I am living the life I wrote down on that paper. In fact, I found that paper at one point and had left it out on the counter by accident. My husband assumed I had just written it about our lives as a gratitude exercise! He had no idea how sad my life was at the time of writing but I was sure it would change and was able to hold that vision and strong feeling.

Now I am writing new life goals, and aiming much higher with my new insights. I used to struggle to think I was allowed to ask for too much, only a bit better than what I had and not too hard to believe. Now I know that anything will be mine if I simply ask and believe it is so. My life overflows with wealth, luxury, and prosperity. I have true abundance in all areas! I want it, so it is so.

I am so very grateful to all who share this wisdom and our ability to celebrate each others happiness. I wish you all the fulfillment in the world, it is yours to have, always. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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30s, married, have a beautiful, baby girl.

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