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I was 19 when a doctor tried to help me and gave me these pills to help me sleep and ‘calm’ my mind. I was not a problematic person but I did have a few of those days, and so my parents and relatives thought I needed to talk to a doctor.

Over that time I saw The Secret documentary and many of my friends were already talking about it. I felt well and for a long time, I didn’t need pills to sleep or to feel well because I was young, innocent, and kind. So everything was fine. But I didn’t realize that everything I had, I could easily not have, so I never said thank you for my life, not a single time.

Then things happened that took me again to the doctor. I felt very down and empty. I felt that I was always running out of time, feeling negative and sad. I had no girlfriend and was not seeing my friends. I quit my job and stopped working on my books and my art. So they gave me medication again.

I took pills for over five years. I thought it was too late for me when I realized that taking pills for all those years had affected me. I couldn’t sleep without the medication, and I couldn’t live without it. I was so obsessed about the situation that I was nervous all the time and I did not even feel like I was healthy anymore. I had this tik in my face that was killing me and prevented me from falling asleep right away or wanting to communicate with other people because of my shame about it.

Then I started to follow The Secret on Facebook and downloaded The Secret Super App. I was mesmerized when I wished to be cured and that tik disappeared just like that, for that moment! And after a few weeks, I did not have the tik at all anymore! I was cured just by making that wish! I did not force myself to believe it and I did not feel forced. I just did it, with innocence and without a doubt.

The doctor saw I was fine and suspended the treatment. A few days after that I still felt fine but then I started to feel like I needed the medication. My body was asking for it and I was falling into the same dark hole I had lived in all those years. I was desperate, I didn’t want to go there again.

That’s when I read this motivation card on The Secret Super App. It said something about gratitude, so I wrote, I am so happy and thankful for my mental health. And then for my health, and then my well-being.

That was when the feeling of need for the medication and drugs suddenly disappeared, and in a few days, I was fine again!

I wrote more than three books, I started to draw and compose songs again. Happiness came to me and I was again this independent boy, not a ghost of who I used to be, not anymore. I am present in this moment! When I am being grateful there is no fear, and no negativity can bring me down. I don’t need to be in a relationship to find love, joy or health because all those things don’t come from other people, they come from me! I am myself again. All is well, I keep telling myself, and every day when I wake up I am thankful for all these good things and more. Gratitude and The Secret literally saved my life.

Submitted by: Andy


I am a writer and an artist.

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