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Thank you so much, Rhonda Byrne, for sharing The Secret with the world. I started practicing The Secret in 2017. I have manifested many things through The Secret including buying a beautiful apartment, getting promotions, getting jobs, and most of all, attracting my soul mate.

We got married in December 2020. Our guests called our wedding the miracle wedding with Covid 19 restrictions and border closures when so many weddings were getting rescheduled. I practiced The Secret for our wedding. I belived with all my heart that we would get married on the set date. We prepared everything with unwavering faith, enjoying the experience of wedding preparations and being truly in love. There were times when our friends and family were doubting if it would happen due to the Covid-19 restrictions. I made sure I ended that conversation by saying, “See you at the wedding.” I made sure not to continue any negative conversation.

We had our wedding in a vineyard. I was wearing a beautiful white lace dress and my partner was wearing a navy blue suit. We had a wonderful time, and everyone enjoyed it so much. All of our guests were able to make it from three states. Some guests left us thanking notes to say it was a great way to come out of lock down. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was cleaning my vision board today and it was only today that I realized the precision of the Universe. Many months before, even before my partner and the love of my life proposed to me, I put a picture of a bride and a groom on my vision board. I looked at it whenever I was working at my desk. The couple looked so happy and I always admired the bride’s dress, it was beautiful.

And it was today that I realized that in that picture of that couple, the bride is wearing a white lace dress. It was a very similar pattern to the one that I wore for my wedding. And the groom wore a navy blue suite just like the one that my husband wore. And guess what the backdrop was?! A vineyard! Such amazing precision! My heart leaped with joy. Thoughts do really become things!

Thank you so very much to Rhonda Byrne and thank you so very much to the entire team of The Secret. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Submitted by: Shaliya J

MelBourne, Australia

Ambitious, persevering woman in my thirties and a firm believer in The Secret.

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