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Firstly, I would like to thank The Secret team for the wonderful work they are doing. Thank you for all the stories in The Secret Super App that inspire us to know that everything is possible. If you believe that your dreams and wishes will come true then the Universe will guarantee to help you to accomplish them.

To start with, I met my partner in an MNC. Luckily we were on the same project. My partner had some bad relationship experiences and because of that, she did not trust anyone. We were friends for quite a long time. I always knew she was the one for me. I wanted to be in a relationship with her but she refused me. For some time I was feeling a little sad and disappointed.

Then I came across this magical book The Secret. I practiced gratitude and affirmations for some time and I started imagining that we were together and she accepted to be in a relationship with me. I imagined that we were really, really happy. I started to feel happy as if I was already in a relationship with her and I imagined our life together.

Finally one day she called me and said that she is ready to be in a relationship with me. Now we are together for some time and are really happy together. Thank you, Universe, for making my wish come true. I am really very grateful to have her in my life as my partner. Thank you so very much.

Submitted by: A Singh


I am a simple person who is in love with a girl.

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