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I read The Secret in February and realized when I looked back that my life has been a series of wonderful events and I have gotten many of the things that I’d wished for the most. But now I realize that for probably 50% of my adult life, I’ve spent worrying about things that were out of my control. I now practice gratitude every day.

I was so blown away by The Secret, I started doing little things every day to see if it worked instantly. Things like asking to see a butterfly or for tomatoes to be on sale at the shop. Each time I got my wish, I grinned from ear to ear! It really does work!

Then I decided to manifest something that seemed to be impossible. My partner has dreamed of going to New York for 20 years for a big birthday coming up. Due to Covid and the travel restrictions we were unable to fly into the USA. I decided to manifest the holiday.

I secretly booked it and paid the deposit and have spent every day since feeling the feeling of joy when I tell him about his birthday gift and seeing us there in my mind. I let joy wash over me every time I thought about it. There was no doubt in my mind that we were going! I refused to look at any news about the restrictions being lifted because I did not want to have any negative thoughts.

Then lo and behold, one day last week I happened to come across the news that the USA has dropped all their restrictions and so we are going to go to New York!!! I will keep it a secret until the birthday morning because he thinks we still can’t go! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am so very grateful to Rhonda and all the wonderful people involved in bringing The Secret into our lives. I understand your calling by sharing this around the world and the joy it must bring you all. Thank you so much for changing my life! I will never allow myself to wallow in the negatives of life again because this way to live life is wonderful!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! xxx

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I read The Secret in February and it’s changed my life!

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