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The Secret taught me the power of the law of attraction and how to bring abundance into my life. I’ve been using it every day practicing gratitude in my notebook and also writing down my dreams and wishes. Last night it came to me I couldn’t believe it. I could just feel the magic!

There was a cute guy playing pool at the bar I was at. He went outside and my uncle and I were going to start playing and I’m absolute trash at playing pool. The guy came back up and my uncle told him to play with me. He said, “Let’s do a bet, if you win I’ll give you $50. If I win you don’t owe me anything.” I’m like, that doesn’t sound fair .” He said, “No it’s okay, come on please.” So I said okay and we started playing.

Boy was he good! I couldn’t get even one ball in until we were nearing the end. That was when I finally started getting better and making some shots. At that point, he had two balls left and I had maybe 3, or 4 and I couldn’t believe it! He hit the 8 ball and that made me the automatic winner! I was so shocked! He just walked away and I didn’t hear him say anything. In my head I’m saying to myself, let’s be real. He is like 20 something so I didn’t think he actually meant it. But he came back and handed me $50! That was when I knew it was The Secret! I had been asking and the Universe heard me and the Universe delivered it to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am so happy and thankful for everything the Universe has given me. The Universe also brought a new friend into my life so thank you to the Universe. Thank you so much for The Secret Super App. Thank you so very much for The Secret. Thank you so much to Rhonda Byrne. I encourage others to continue on their journey, not get distracted and keep up with The Secret. The law of attraction truly helps.

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Seattle WA

I’ve been falling short sometimes and this story just shows how wonderful The Secret is and how it’s changed my life. I want to share as many stories as I can to help inspire others.

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