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I am grateful to Rhonda and her books. My life has improved drastically since I read The Secret. Believing in the Universe, abundance and the law of attraction has supported me through some challenging times. I have been single for months. I have been focused on opening myself up to what the Universe will send my way and letting go of trying to control or force things and just letting things flow.

This story is about yesterday. I was speaking with my friend about accountability and relationships. I said, “I wish I had a relationship, someone to even be held accountable to!” while laughing and feeling joyous.

Five minutes later, when leaving a shop with my son, a very handsome man struck up a conversation with me. It was completely unexpected. We talked for an hour last night on the phone. We are seeing each other today.

I do not know where this will lead, or if he is the man of my dreams. But I do know that this encounter was due to being open to the Universe and believing in the law of attraction.

Thank you, Rhonda. You have given us all such a great gift in your writings.

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Single mom of two wonderful children.

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