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Two Little Miracles. – My Story

Two Little Miracles. – My Story


Me and my husband were trying for a baby for the last year and a half but with no luck. I tried to use medical help, but nothing helped.

I am a hardcore believer in the Universe, gratitude, and The Magic. So, every time that things didn’t turn out in our favor, I believed it was because something bigger and better was in store. I started reading and implementing The Magic more seriously in my life to attract the magical life I wanted. And to our surprise, I got pregnant and was carrying twins!

The pregnancy was super, super smooth. No issues at all. Right in the middle of the COVID crisis, I was pregnant yet everything went well. By the beginning of my seventh month, I turned really dull and got tired quickly. Everyone around me said that means that I will be having two boys. Somehow in my heart, I always thought there would be a girl and a boy and the picture of my perfect family would be completed. By God’s grace, I delivered my dreams. And now we are all set to live our dream life with our two little miracles.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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Submitted by: Anubha M

Mumbai, India

Dreamer, believer.

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