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I am originally from Zimbabwe and then I relocated to South Africa for a better life and future. In 2019 I went back to my country to renew my passport and I bumped into an old flame. We had not seen or spoken to each other for 8 years. When I left him he was drinking, doing drunks, and being a womanizer. Now, after 8 years, he had only gotten worse. We linked up and he showed me his lifestyle and his way of living. He was always on a hunt for alcohol and drugs and when he got high he went hunting for prostitutes.

In my mind, I was like, this was the man that I loved? The man that I wanted to have kids with? Now, at the end of it all, I am so glad that we are not together! When I stopped searching for love, I found the perfect man for me. He is so loving, calm, and humble. He is the kind of man that makes sure that I know that I am loved and he supports me 1 million percent. He is the complete opposite of what I wanted and who I wanted. The Universe gave me what I really deserved! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so grateful to the Universe and I am so grateful for my wonderful man.

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I am originally from Zimbabwe and relocated to South Africa for a better life and future but my heart is not settled because it is not home for me. My partner and I are working on relocating together after I complete my nursing course.

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