Cher Said ‘She’s Not A Big Cher Fan,’ Then Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts And Timothée Chalamet All Hilariously Gave Her A Pep Talk, And I Can’t Get Enough Of It

Cher is of course a legend, in the world of music, movies, fashion and otherwise. Given her incredible track record across six decades, we certainly wouldn’t blame the artist if she had a big head over her body of work, but apparently that’s not the case. When the multi-hyphenate talent was recently asked about whether she goes back and listens to or watches her own artistry, she said “She’s not a big Cher fan,” and the host of big names sitting next to her we’re seriously not having it. 

When Cher guested on The Graham Norton Show alongside Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks and Timothée Chalamet this week, the topic came up. Once Cher divulged she doesn’t really take the time to consume her own work, the couch of movie stars went into a hilarious pep talk. Check it out on TikTok

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As Cher shared, she doesn’t find herself sitting down and listening to her own music, though as she admits she does tend to gravitate towards the songs of hers that were never hits. And when it comes to watching her own movies if they come on TV, she absolutely does not tune in. Her confession led Tom Hanks to say this: 

You’re missing out. Motion picture perfection? Mamma Mia 2. ‘Fernando!’ When she busts out ‘Fernando,’ the world stops! Suns clash with the stars!

Who knew Tom Hanks was a Mamma Mia fan? While he and his wife Rita Wilson famously produced the movies, I didn’t think he’d so enthusiastically bring it up like this. The actor passionately described Cher’s big moment in the movie musical sequel which she was cast in back in 2017, joining the likes of Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Andy Garcia. Cher makes a surprise appearance near the end of Here We Go Again as the pop star mother of Donna Sheridan who sings of the romance she had with Andy Garcia’s Fernando with the hit ABBA song of the same name, of course. 

Along with Hanks’ speaking highly of her Mamma Mia appearance, Timothée Chalamet threw in 1987’s Moonstruck into the mix, which is one of the most critically-acclaimed romantic comedies. Julia Roberts also named Silkwood, a 1983 biopic also starring Meryl Streep and Kurt Russell. The fun segment between the four A-list stars ended with Hanks saying they should all go see Cher movies together, which Roberts coined a “Cher-A-Thon.” 

It’s a fun and quite sweet moment to see a host of big stars hype 77-year-old Cher up, who is undoubtedly a legend in Hollywood along with the music industry. The moment shows how the actress has touched each of the other actors on the couch with different films of hers she has made. (Not to mention how Cher actually inspired Lady Gaga’s A Star Is Born performance). 

Cher has accomplished a lot in 60 years, and is among talents who are just one award away from an EGOT. Plus, she has a new Christmas album simply called Christmas which she released back in October. Seriously, she’s an icon.

Aside from Cher being hyped up, her colleagues on the couch are all part of 2023 new movie releases. Hanks was in Asteroid City and A Man Called Otto this year, Roberts’ stars in a Netflix movie called Leave The World Behind, coming to Netflix on December 8 and Chalamet stars in Wonka, which he is already getting rave reactions for, which is coming to theaters on December 15. So along with planning your “Cher-a-thon” make sure to check out all these actor’s movies as well.


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