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Emotional Moment Lady Surprised Her Mother After 5 Years in America (Video)

Emotional Moment Lady Surprised Her Mother After 5 Years in America (Video)
emotional moment lady surprised her mother after 5 years in america video

A lady has shared a video showing her emotional reunion with her mother.

The lady who traveled to America returned after five years.

The TikTok video shared by a woman identified as @theresa_annise revealed the most memorable moment of her year.

She wrote; “Surprising my mom in


Jamaica after five years of being in America.”


In the video, Theresa’s mom embraced her with overwhelming excitement, clearly moved by the unexpected reunion.

The emotional scene captured in the video has resonated with viewers, touching the hearts of many who have witnessed the power of love and family bonds.

@Jasmine reacted: “My moms in heaven and I just got shivers, what I would do to see my mom again.”

@Greyson commented: “I’m crying I can’t even be without my mom for a week.”

@Sheenz reacted: “The algorithm just decide say a pure bawl mi fi bawl today.”

Graci reacted: “Who a cut up onion inna this baxfoot.”

@Tehrii O said: “I can’t wait to go home to my baby.

@Baleigh Shae reacted: “The way momma checked to see if it was really you in the middle of hugging you.”

See the video below:

@theresa_annise The highlight of my year🥹 #jamaicantiktok🇯🇲viral #suprisingmymother #readallaboutit ♬ original sound – 𝙨𝙥𝙭𝙙.


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