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Hidden ‘Westworld’ Trailer Found on Viral Marketing Website Reveals New Footage

Hidden Westworld trailer

Westworld has been off the air for a long while as it has revamped for the upcoming third season, but it looks like showrunners Jonathan NolanLisa Joy, and their partners at HBO have gotten back in the saddle and are up to their old tricks once again. A hidden Westworld trailer for season 3 has been located by an inquisitive Reddit fan who poked around on a viral marketing website, and you can check out the trailer below.

Hidden Westworld Trailer


If you visit the Westworld viral marketing website for the fictional technology company Incite, Inc. and click on the “Privacy Act” tab at the top of the page, a glitch seems to appear and the full official trailer pops up. But DarkHorizons pointed us to a post from Reddit user MTC_Chickpea, who discovered that if you visit the same page with a VPN and a clean browser history, you see the secret trailer embedded above.

While there is some familiar imagery on display here from yesterday’s full official trailer, there’s also plenty of new stuff here to fuel even more fan speculation as we inch toward the new season’s premiere date. What the heck are those tubes pumping into (or removing from) Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) as she’s laid out on the floor? Who’s the guy that Jeffrey Wright‘s Bernard (or is it Arnold? I honestly don’t remember) is choking out?

Perhaps most importantly, does the fact that Vincent Cassel‘s villain character (or at least he seems like a villain) is holding a gun to Aaron Paul‘s forehead mean that Paul’s character has been compromised and is actually working undercover for Cassel as the season goes on? I’m guessing Dolores would not be thrilled about that, since she seems to be taking him under her wing in the full trailer and the two of them appear to be working closely together.

Westworld season 3 lands on HBO on March 15, 2020.

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