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I Thought It Was A Headache — Stan Nze And wife Open Up On Pregnancy Journey (Video)

I Thought It Was A Headache — Stan Nze And wife Open Up On Pregnancy Journey (Video)
i thought it was a headache stan nze and wife open up on pregnancy journey video

Nollywood actor Stan Nze and his wife, Blessing Obasi have spoken about their pregnancy journey.

The couple revealed that they found out about the pregnancy after mistaking it for a headache while on movie set.

Hours after the couple announced their pregnancy, they decided to offer their fans and followers an intimate glimpse into their pregnancy journey via their YouTube channel.

In their narration, they recounted the separate moments when they learned about Blessing’s pregnancy. Blessing disclosed that she became aware of her pregnancy when she was two months along, just a few days before her birthday on May 6, 2023.

She explained that she had filled in for her husband at a friend’s showroom event, where she confided in a close friend about her headache and discomfort.

Her friend suggested she take a pregnancy test, but Blessing initially hesitated, fearing disappointment. Eventually, she yielded to her friend’s advice and took the test, which confirmed her pregnancy. Overjoyed, Blessing shed tears of happiness because she had been praying for a child.

Meanwhile, her husband Stan Nze was out of the country at the time and discovered the News on her birthday. He recounted how Blessing and their close friends surprised him with a box of baby gifts, which he found to be a rather peculiar present.

Perplexed, Stan couldn’t grasp what was happening until Blessing revealed to him that she was pregnant.

Their happiness was shared by well-known figures such as Omoni Oboli, Destiny Etiko, Juliana Olayode, Juliet Ibrahim, and others, who sent their love and congratulations to the couple.

Watch the video below

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