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Octavia Spencer Found All Those ‘Ma’ Memes And Loved Sharing Them On Social Media


Octavia Spencer may be best known for The Help and Hidden Figures and she’ll forever have an Oscar for her work in the former, but she’s officially discovered a small group of fans who love a much scarier version of the actress.

Spencer most recently was the voice of Manticore in the upcoming animated feature Onward, but right now her social media is flooded with memes from one of her 2019 films. That would be Ma, in which Spencer played the titular horror villain that did some seriously messed up stuff to some young people looking to party.

A select group of Extremely Online people started making memes about Spencer’s Ma character online, and some of them are very funny. And now it’s clear that Spencer has found out about them and loves them just as much as the people that make them. She started posting them on her social media and added to the fun with a pun-filled caption to go with all the movie posters people had photoshopped with her Ma in the film.

The best ones often seem to have the letters “ma” somewhere in the title, which also happens to be a lot of movies. So there’s a wide crop of memes from which to pick from here.

Spencer truly couldn’t resist sharing them, and some were actually some great graphic design work. Check out the Ma Star Is Born one in here.

OK, one last Ma meme. It seems she’s running a contest for the best memes now, too.

It’s great that Spencer was shown her ardent group of fans and all the hard work they put into the memes. Sometimes, it truly is just nice to be appreciated.

[via AV Club]

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