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Pete Buttigieg Doesn’t Love Colin Jost’s Impression Of Him On ‘SNL’


Saturday brought the latest turn in the American experiment that is representative democracy, as the citizens of Nevada caucused to help determine the Democratic nominee for president. It was a big day in the lead-up to Super Tuesday, which should give us a better overall picture of the race to get delegates, but Saturday night will also be another opportunity for Saturday Night Live to lampoon the race.

That means another chance to catch Colin Jost play Pete Buttigieg, the former South Bend, Indiana mayor, who had surged in recent weeks as a more moderate alternative for voters than current frontrunner Bernie Sanders. Jost and Buttigieg were actually classmates at Harvard, and in recent weeks he’s appeared in town halls and debates. But despite the common ties, it doesn’t seem like Buttigieg is thrilled about the impersonation. Asked about it on Friday on Ellen, he rated it pretty poorly.

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“I’d give it a six and a half” out of 10, he said.

Buttigieg then explained that they went to Harvard together and actually lived in the same dorm, so the whole experience is pretty weird for him.

“I can just imagine some scenario where we’re probably standing in line next to each other in the cafeteria,” he said. “And if you could have told us that he’d be playing me on SNL 20 years alter.”

We already knew that Buttigieg wasn’t a huge fan of Jost’s impression. In late 2019, he’d been asked about it on Jimmy Fallon, where he labeled a clip, with Jost’s Mayor Pete unsure what to do with his limbs during a debate, as “okay.” The longer he stays in the race, the more he’ll have to put up with Jost’s impressions — unless, of course, SNL decides to outsource it to another actor at some point this year. Maybe Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens will be available later this summer.

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