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Some Fans Are Still Disappointed That a Popular MCU Character Got Worse With Every Movie

Since the MCU cast of characters list is vast, some of them were bound to get less character development than they deserved. One can argue the less “human” characters were the ones getting short shrift, arguably for good reason. Names like Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Vision (Paul Bettany) are good examples, based on too much use of CGI.

In the case of Vision, he’s a character who didn’t quite get the respect he should have had. He was certainly a character who could have gone wrong being an android created by Ultron. Only Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) placing his J.A.R.V.I.S. program into Vision prevented him from becoming a villain.

While he became an official Avenger, many fans think he was a bit wasted in the later movies. It’s something sure to be amended in upcoming WandaVision.

Was the downfall of the Vision character after ‘Age of Ultron’?

Paul Bettany attends Build to discuss "Manhunt: UNABOMBER" at Build Studio.

Paul Bettany attends Build to discuss "Manhunt: UNABOMBER" at Build Studio.

Paul Bettany | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

According to some MCU fans, Vision basically went off the rails after Age of Ultron released, mainly because he didn’t have nearly as much aggressive behavior. His battle scenes in the Age of Ultron were definitely exciting, including using his phasers to obliterate other androids as just starters.

Making Vision into a badass fighting machine was what fans wanted to see, but yet he became far more docile in ensuing movies. By the time Civil War came out, he wasn’t involved in much fighting, other than crippling James Rhodes (War Machine). After injuring Rhodes, Vision felt guilt, making him back off on any more conflict.

As he and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) went off to start a relationship away from the Avengers, fans all know Vision was dragged back in to help kill Thanos. By removing his Time Stone, he was able to die (twice) to help in finally eliminating Thanos forever.

Vision’s death devastated Scarlet Witch, and that’s where further buildup of former in WandaVision could change fan response to the character.

Will Vision really exist in ‘WandaVision’?

It’s been made clear in the marketing for Disney+’s upcoming WandaVision that Bettany is returning as Vision. This time, he’s going to be looking more human (at least in part) than how everyone remembers him from the prior Avengers movies.

Thought is that to pacify her grief over Vision’s death, Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) will be creating some kind of VR program to interact with him in a 1950s universe. This may explain why the early part of the show looks like a parody of a 1950s sitcom, which is obviously some kind of ruse.

Others think it’s more an alternate reality as part exploration of the Marvel multiverse. If it’s all about alt-realities, then maybe Vision really does exist rather than as a digital program.

Is it possible to let Vision be a more interesting character through this guise, or do fans still want him in some kind of action vein?

Maybe Vision will go back to his action ways later in the series

Based on all the previews of WandaVision, it seems like the show is almost impossible to describe. No one’s talking too much to keep all the secrets.

One thing some of the cast members have revealed is it’ll start out as a 1950s-era sitcom and then evolve into a regular MCU movie. Apparently this means some major action scenes more typical on the big-screen than on streaming.

If this holds up, then it means Vision going from a human “vision” back to his android appearance. How this works in the context of Marvel canon, however, is probably up for a million fan board debates.

Whether this means death was relative for Vision is another thing. Since Marvel has been playing around with death as not being permanent, it’s at least more explainable in the realm of an android over one of the very human Avengers.

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