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Star Wars: The Clone Wars final season episode 1 explained

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Clearly, the biggest aspect of The Clone Wars‘ final season premiere that needs unpacking regards Echo and who he is.

Nicknamed for his ability to follow orders so well it seemed like he was echoing words through actions, Echo was a member of the Domino Squad — a clone trooper cadet unit led by Commanding Officer Hevy and including fellow Clones Cutup, Droidbait, and the much-loved Fives. Stationed on Kamino, where they completed their Citadel Challenge to graduate into the Grand Army of the Republic, the Domino Squad faced tragedy when they moved to Rishi Station and were tasked, along with Captain Rex, with protecting the Rishi moon base. Separatists struck down on them, killing the majority of the squad. Only Echo and Fives remained of the Domino Squad, and the two went on to join the 501st Legion after Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker commended them for their bravery and promoted them to the rank of ARC trooper.

On the Clone Wars season 3 episode “Counterattack,” Echo and his 501st Legion teammates ventured to Lola Sayu in efforts to rescue Jedi Master Even Piell (Blair Bess) from prison in the Citadel and obtain from him coordinates to the Nexus hyperspace route. Piell died in the midst of the chaos, and while attempting to escape after the mission was deemed successful, Echo seemingly died as well.

The Clone Wars‘ season 7 premiere doesn’t reveal exactly how the Separatists turned Echo to the dark side, but some fans may already know how this particular arc could play out. Four unfinished Clone Wars episodes surfaced online many years ago, and they’re still available to watch today. The episodes make up — wait for it — the “Bad Batch” arc, and one installment is essentially the exact same episode as the Clone Wars season 7 premiere currently streaming on Disney+. This has led fans to believe that perhaps some or all of the previously leaked episodes were completed for inclusion in the Clone Wars season 7 bundle. If this is the case, well, the revelation that Echo is alive is only the start of serious trouble yet to come.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 will return with episode 2, “A Distant Echo”, on Friday, February 28.

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