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“The Challenges of Being a Man: Let’s Show Our Support for Men Who Are Struggling in Silence” – Blessing Okoro

"The Challenges of Being a Man: Let's Show Our Support for Men Who Are Struggling in Silence" – Blessing Okoro

Relationship therapist Blessing CEO has urged women to take the time to show their appreciation and support for the men in their lives. She reminded women that men are going through a lot and have many responsibilities that they cannot even complain about.

In a video posted to Instagram, Blessing CEO said, “Dear women, do you know that being a man is very hard? Let us find time to encourage our men. The societies have put so much burden on them and their egos might not even allow them to express their feelings, but a lot of them are suffering in silence.

When your boyfriend is quiet and just looking up at the ceiling, it doesn’t mean he is ignoring you or with another woman. Men are human too and they go through a lot. Women are always looking for who loves them and who doesn’t, but the problems of men are often financially, emotionally, and spiritually related.

They have a lot of responsibilities on them and because they are men, they can’t even complain. Many men end up bottling up their emotions, which can be damaging. Women, don’t just be a collector. A lot of men turn to cheating because they want a distraction from their problems.”

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