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The ending of Brahms: The Boy II explained

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For better or worse, Brahms: The Boy II completely undoes The Boy‘s ending. The sequel wastes no time showing us that, despite what The Boy said, Brahms is much, much more than a porcelain doll. Almost as soon as he appears, Brahms begins moving of his own free will. He tells his new companion, the young trauma victim Jude, things that the kid couldn’t possibly know. He flips over tables and rips up teddy bears.

However, it’s not until the end of Brahms: The Boy II that we learn the whole truth. As Jude’s mother Liza, played by Katie Holmes, learns, the porcelain doll is the host for a malevolent entity that has been tearing families apart for centuries. Typically, a child adopts the doll, then commits a heinous murder. When questioned about their crimes, the kids have a simple answer: the doll made them do it. The human Brahms was one of the creature’s victims. So is Jude, so is Ralph Ineson’s sinister “groundskeeper” Joseph, and countless others.

At the end of Brahms: The Boy II, we even see Brahm’s real face after Jude’s dad, Sean, smacks the doll with a croquet mallet. Instead of shattering, the porcelain falls away to reveal a pint-sized Lovecraftian horror lurking underneath. Jude ends up throwing the the doll in the fire, but that’s not the end of Brahms. As it turns out, evil toys aren’t that easy to kill.

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