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The First Time: Nick Kroll Talks Masturbation, Playing a Caveman

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Nick Kroll is currently starring in the rom-com Olympic Dreams, but he got his career off to an even unlikelier start: playing a caveman in the television comedy Cavemen, based on the series of Geico cavemen commercials.

“I was in four hours of makeup every morning for 13 episodes,” he tells Rolling Stone, “and truly almost lost my mind. They’d glue hair onto my arms, and so I remember shooting the pilot of that show, and I’m in the pool at one point. I lifted my arm, and it was covered in rocks from the pool, glued to my arm. But it was my first acting job on TV outside of commercials, so I didn’t know how hard of an experience it was. Now I’d be like, ‘There’s no way I’d do that job.’ But at that point, I didn’t know, so it was fine.”

The Big Mouth creator also discusses his first time hearing about masturbation as a kid — “but I’ve never done it personally,” he quipped — and his first time feeling starstruck, when Harrison Ford came to a restaurant he was working at in Wyoming.

“I got to pick him up from the airport,” Kroll remembers. “I was like, ‘Hey! I’m funny! Look how funny I am, Harrison Ford!’ And now looking back, I realize I was kind of auditioning for him as if Harrison Ford was gonna be like, ‘I discovered this guy, he drove me from the airport. We should make him a star.’”

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