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The real reason Diane Keaton always covers her neck

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As a L’Oréal spokesperson since 2006, Keaton’s skin cancer struggles — and knowledge about the power of sunscreen — make her the ideal brand ambassador. At age 21, Keaton was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, which is the most common form of skin cancer. Since then, she’s also had two surgeries to remove squamous cell cancer, which can be deadly if unchecked. Now, at age 74, Keaton swears by routine doctor visits and frequent sunscreen applications.

“Wear sunscreen. You’ve got to put it on,” she said in an interview with Total Beauty, admitting she always carries L’Oréal’s face lotion with SPF 50 in her pocket. “Six years ago I had a squamous cell, which is serious. And I had it for a very, very long time [before it was diagnosed]. I knew something was up, but no one could find it. I had three biopsies before they found it. And it was deep. A squamous cell cancer is second to melanoma, and you can die from it, because it will spread. It’s really not a joke.” Preaching about the importance of protecting your skin has become routine for the Oscar-winning star.

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