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The South Dakota State Basketball Team Drilled Five Straight Half-Court Shots In Practice


The South Dakota State Jackrabbits lost against No. 20 South Dakota Coyotes on Saturday, but they remain a terrifying threat if they need a shot from very far downtown. That’s thanks to a viral clip in which the team hit a jaw-dropping number of half-court shots consecutively in a video that took the interwebs by storm.

The video starts with a number of players are meandering at midcourt. Then, they start a practice drill in which they take half-court shots. It’s a low-percentage drill for sure, as well as the basis of a lot of in-game contests for fans. But this time is different. Every shot starts falling.

The clip made SportsCenter‘s Top 10 on Friday night, and for good reason. That many shots made might look like a commercial, but it’s the real deal. And the video features a fair bit of drama, as you’re never quite sure when they’re done casually making ridiculous shots. The celebrations keep getting bigger as more and more players sink an improbable shot, but they just keep shooting.

It’s unfortunate the team lost, 77-67, to a two-loss Coyotes team, but at 20-9, they’re still having a strong season and have certainly made a name for themselves in practice. Not many teams can say that.

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