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The truth about Shakira’s ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa

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In 2012, Shakira’s ex Antonio de la Rúa tried to sue the singer for what he felt he was owed for acting as her business manager, despite not having a written agreement for the role. According to Rolling Stone, the $100 million Los Angeles lawsuit alleged, “De la Rúa spent more than six years building the Shakira brand into one the most valuable pop-star brands in the entertainment industry.” The suit also claimed Shakira’s 2011 and 2012 incomes were “generated by the deals [de la Ruá] conceptualized, originated, negotiated and executed.” 

De la Rúa filed lawsuits in New York, California, and Switzerland — all of which were dropped by August 2013, per E! News. In response, Shakira said, “I am very grateful that the courts are not allowing these groundless lawsuits to proceed. I have moved on in my life and could not be happier now. I hope this harassment will now come to an end.”

But the drama didn’t end there: Shakira faced cheating rumors, too. She was accused of getting together with current boyfriend Gerard Piqué while still with de la Rúa, according to the Miami Herald. However, that’s purely speculative since the timeline is murky, and as the singer said herself, she and de la Rúa romantically split months before publicly announcing anything. Right after Shakira’s split did become public, Piqué said (via E! News) that they were “just friends” at the time.

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