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Woman Replaces Tattoo of Ex-Boyfriend’s Name After Breakup (Video)

Woman Replaces Tattoo of Ex-Boyfriend's Name After Breakup (Video)

A young woman who had tattooed her boyfriend’s name recently experienced heartbreak and chose to erase every reminder of him. She visited a tattoo parlor and asked for a new tattoo to cover up her boyfriend’s name, ‘Derrick’, which she had inked on her arm. The artist created an angel’s wings and cross tattoo to cover the Derrick ink, and when he was finished, the name was completely gone, as though it had never been there.

A video of the tattooing process in the parlor has surfaced on the internet. See the clip below:

In response, IG user princess_is_royalty1 wrote, “The tattoo is dope!” sweetlife_gramm commented, “No more Derrick. Are you happy now?” _____ariike said, “The Artist did a good job.” kwueenie asked, “What kind of love would make me write someone’s name on my body? I don’t think I’ve seen it.” adelakuntufayl remarked, “Now she has wings to fly from that relationship to another relationship.”


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