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Women’s Perspective on Men’s Joy in Providing for Their Partners

Women's Perspective on Men's Joy in Providing for Their Partners

A beauty therapist and entrepreneur has asserted that men naturally love to provide for their women. @LAYSAINTLAURENT stated via her Twitter account that it is only when a lady dates a generous man that she would understand. The skincare specialist said men do not like to be asked for something because they genuinely like the idea of giving their lovers whatever she desires. She wrote; “Until you date a generous man (I didn’t say rich), you’ll understand that men love to provide for their women. They don’t wait to be asked, they genuinely find joy in doing it, they take initiative, they know your favorites and will order them.”

Reactions to this statement included @UA_DropOut noting that some people might call a man’s generosity “love bombing” or “red flags” if it is too much too soon, and @aj_deltoro adding that ladies should not expect men to pick up hints all the time and should just ask if they want something. @BestCaseBob shared his experience with his family, while @briannafresh emphasized the importance of men taking initiative. @BlkICScyberGuy reminded that both parties need to be compatible, and @diva_lerie shared her experience with a generous man she had never met before. @TeerachCraft noted that some women can be unappreciative and kill this trait in men, while @Macglorious referenced Quran 4:34 which states that men are the caretakers of women.


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