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90s Musicians Who Were Arrested For Bad Behavior

90s Musicians Who Were Arrested For Bad Behavior


It’s not clear what went on during the 1998 attack on the photographer, but it’s clear that Liam Gallagher is pretty camera shy. It’s also clear that the attack didn’t affect his performance at all. He’s been involved in several other altercations with fans and members of the group, including an incident where he was charged with assaulting a fan. In fact, he was even released from a jail after he agreed to take a course on how to not be a threat to society.

90s musicians who were arrested for bad behavior

Liam Gallagher, lead singer of British pop rock band Oasis, must be awfully camera shy. In 1998 he was arrested not once, but twice for attacking someone who tried to take his picture. In March of that year, Liam was arrested for heatbutting a fan who tried to photograph him outside of a hotel in Brisbane, Australia. The victim sustained a broken nose, and Liam was charged with assault. The singer was released on bail. According to the AP, the charges were eventually dropped entirely, as the fan decided to take it to civil court instead. 

In November 1998, Liam got into another dustup when he spied a journalist trying to take his photo outside of a pub in North London. The freelance photographer alleged to Reuters (via MTV News), “I approached him to take a picture, and he turned aggressive. A scuffle broke out. He broke my camera lens and stole a film.” However, the photog ultimately chose not to press charges. And in 2002, he was nabbed by cops yet again after he struck not a photographer, but a German police officer in the middle of an ongoing bar brawl. While he was ultimately released, Liam wound up losing two teeth in the chaos. 

Fans of Oasis know that the singer is famously a bit surly, often feuding with his brother and bandmate, Noel Gallagher. In 2018 Liam told The Guardian, “I’ve always been a bit of an arrogant c***, even when I was digging holes for a living in Manchester.”


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