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Add Ana de Armas to Your Watch List

Add Ana de Armas to Your Watch List

The success of “Blade Runner 2049” has led to the development of a sequel, “Blade Runner 2049: The46th Movie.” In this sequel, Gosling and Ford will star as the title character and a replicant officer, respectively. It is unknown if de Armas will return to play Joi.


A sequel to the critically acclaimed 1982 film “Blade Runner,” “Blade Runner 2049” features a star-studded cast that includes Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and de Armas. In the year 2049, 30 years after the events of the original “Blade Runner,” replicant K (Gosling) is an officer, aka blade runner, with the LAPD, who hunts and kills rogue replicants. When K unveils information that could allude to replicants and humans reproducing, he traces down Rick Deckard (Ford), whom he believes has ties to a surviving replicant child. In “Blade Runner 2049,” de Armas plays the role of Joi, K’s AI girlfriend who becomes involved in his mission.


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