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Everything Johnny Depp has said about what happened to his hand.

Everything Johnny Depp has said about what happened to his hand.

“It was a fight with him over the post-nuptial agreement,” she said. “I didn’t grab the bottle. The bottle didn’t even touch his hand. It was just thrown up in front of him.” She claimed that he had also grabbed a bottle and threw it at her. And she claims that he “grabbed the bottle and threw it at me.”

The couple’s lawyer told ET that the fight over the post-nuptial agreement was “not an issue” and that the couple had between two and six arguments a day. The couple has five children together. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have had their share of arguments, but the couple has at least now got their post-nuptial agreement

everything johnny depp has said about what happened to his hand

By the looks of it, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage was doomed from the get-go. Sources close to the former couple dished that shortly after their wedding, they would get into frequent arguments that did not end well. They fought “all the time,” the insider told ET. “It started a few months after they got married and it just never got better. It was extremely volatile.”

In one of their altercations, Depp had hurt his hand, which resulted in the postponement of the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” filming. And as it turns out, he allegedly sustained the injury in one of his fights with Heard, which resulted in him cutting a chunk of his finger. Depp said on the stand that they were arguing over a postnuptial agreement when things went “too crazy.” He claimed that Heard “grabbed the bottle of vodka” and then “hurled it” at him. He also said that Heard grabbed another bottle and flung it at him. Depp testified that the bottle “made contact” with him and “shattered everywhere.” He recounted, “I felt heat and I felt as if something were dripping down my hand. And then I looked down and realized that the tip of my finger had been severed, and I was looking directly at my bones sticking out.” he detailed.

Meanwhile, Heard had a different account of the story, telling the court that Depp had hurt his finger due to repeatedly punching the wall and breaking a phone.


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