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Malcolm McDowell’s Son Bows Out Of American Idol With A Trace

Malcolm McDowell's Son Bows Out Of American Idol With A Trace

Beckett Rex left American Idol after strange secrets like other contestants tried to hide. He didn’t disappear like other contestants thought he would, and his Instagram story shows he was choice to continue. If he was cut from the show because of his news, it doesn’t show on the show.

malcolm mcdowells son bows out of american idol with a trace

We’ll likely never know if Beckett Rex’s sudden exit involves any dark secrets like other American Idol contestants tried to hide. Per AOL, Rex mysteriously vanished from the Top 26 like a puff of smoke, leaving no trace behind. The son of “Clockwork Orange” actor Malcolm McDowell keeps schtum about his reason for quitting — likely because of a hefty NDA.

Ryan Seacrest announced on Monday that “alternate” contestant Paige Ann was returning to the stage. “Recently, one of the Top 26 decided to bow out of the competition, so we turned to the judges’ first alternate and gave her the life-changing news,” Seacrest announced, per Yahoo! Entertainment.

Rex confirmed he was the mystery ex-Idoler in an Instagram story on Tuesday. “I’m not going to say why I didn’t decide to continue in the competition, but what I will say is that it was my choice,” he wrote. “I am forever grateful to my American Idol family, and I will always look back at the experience with the utmost gratitude and fondness. Please go vote for my friends now as they continue on in the competition.” Yahoo! notes the teen didn’t appear in any of Season 21’s episodes, despite making it to the semis. They speculate that producers cut Rex’s footage after he announced he was quitting. However, they didn’t scrub the redhead from the show’s Top 26 video, where he can be spotted jumping around in the background with his fellow contestants.


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