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Was Nick Lachey Still Married To Jessica Simpson When He Met Vanessa

Was Nick Lachey Still Married To Jessica Simpson When He Met Vanessa

Nick and Vanessa Lachey are still in love and have been married for over 10 years. They have two children and continue to work together in a few different positions.

was nick lachey still married to jessica simpson when he met vanessa

Nick and Vanessa Lachey were mere acquaintances long before they started dating. In 2017, Vanessa spoke to Billboard about how she met Nick in 2003 while she was serving as a VJ for MTV’s “TRL.” Nick and Vanessa would cross paths here and there, either when he visited “TRL” to discuss his career ventures, or in another work setting. At the time, Nick was still married to Jessica Simpson, while Vanessa was dating famed athlete Derek Jeter. Whenever Vanessa and Nick saw one another, their interactions were friendly and work-related. “It was always about business, and it was always nice to see him,” Vanessa said. Interestingly, per an archival YouTube video, Nick, Vanessa, and Simpson were all featured in CBS’s “TRL at the Superbowl” in 2004.

After Nick and Simpson had divorced, Nick asked Vanessa to be in the music video for his 2006 song “What’s Left of Me.” Their friendliness quickly shifted to a love connection at this point. “So, now we’re both single …  I’ll never forget, we were in New York, and I was like, ‘Hello, Nick Lachey!’ It just all came together,” Vanessa said to CBS News in 2023. In 2011, the love birds got hitched in the British Virgin Islands. Over a decade later, Nick and Vanessa are still going strong and are even working together on a few hit shows. 


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