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What Was the Outcome of Rachel Frederickson’s Biggest Loser Victory?

What Was the Outcome of Rachel Frederickson's Biggest Loser Victory?

Rachel Frederickson was ecstatic to be crowned the winner of Season 15 of “The Biggest Loser.” In an interview at the finale, she expressed her joy, saying, “I’m so grateful for this life-changing opportunity. I’m taking charge of my life and it means the world to me.” Unfortunately, her 155-pound weight loss sparked criticism from fans who felt it was too drastic and unhealthy, as reported by Us Weekly. This harsh feedback had a negative impact on the reality TV star.

Frederickson was then chosen by Today as a “Voice of 2014.” She opened up about how difficult it was to be judged by others, saying, “My self-esteem was affected by people’s voices that are immortalized in Facebook posts or magazines.” Despite the criticism, Frederickson found the strength to stay positive and encouraged others to do the same. In her essay, she wrote, “What voices will you allow into your life to tell you who you are? Everyone’s voice is powerful. Will yours be one that tears others down or one that lifts this world up with positivity, hope, and love?”


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