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I learned about The Secret from my friend Mamta when I was in the verge of getting a divorce. I was also working as a teacher getting a low salary. After watching The Secret I passionately wanted to follow it.

Then I saw The Magic book in our school library and voila! I read it and I realized I had struck the jackpot! As said in the book, first I prepared my wish list and created various categories and that led to soul searching. I was turning thirty at that time and felt happy and grateful that at least I had found and acknowledged myself by now. I manifested a well paid teaching job along with my best friend, became a graduate, and I also introduced The Secret and the power of gratitude to my friends. But I didn’t have the courage to think about another marriage as I had gotten very hurt by my ex.

Eventually, somehow I encouraged myself to think and visualize my soul mate. After four years, I am now married to my soul mate who is a wonderful human and husband. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In these four years I have also gotten great friends and well wishers who accept me without judging me.

A hundred thousand thank yous to Rhonda Bryne, to The Secret team, and also to my bestie, Mamta. I believe that I deserve the best things in life and everything that I wish for.

PS: My in-laws adore me.

Submitted by: Karthiga Renganathan


I feel grateful every day and I am living a great life with my soul mate.

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