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The Universe Got Him Back. – My Story

The Universe Got Him Back. – My Story


I always knew this would happen and that it was possible but I did not know we all have the power inside us to evoke something so strong.

The story begins like many others here. Where a girl meets a boy and they fall for each other. They are just dating and things are perfect in this little bubble. All is well until the guy’s family decides to get him settled and tells him that they will start searching for a partner for him. That is when the guy decides that it has been just 6 months since I met this girl but I think there is something worthwhile so I will tell my parents about this. He tells his parents he met the girl he really wants to be with, but they are stringent in their beliefs and reject the match. The guy tries to fight through this but eventually gives up on the girl saying he does not have enough strength to go against his parents.

The girl, who is basically me, is sitting here wondering, do I even have any control over my life? I clearly love this person and want him to be with me but it should come from his desire too. With that thought, I am just going to let it go and leave it up to the Universe. All I would do every day is take 10 minutes before starting my daily work. I would close my eyes and I would visualize that we were happy and we were together. I believed that his parents came down for his Ph.D. graduation and met me. Everything was fine and they were happy and we are together and happy.

Back then, I did not know if this was even possible. Today, I know, because after reading The Secret, I know that thoughts become things. This guy is right beside me as I write this story. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Universe gave him the courage to fight for what was his and what was right. Thank you to the Universe! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Submitted by: Meera


I am this happy-go-lucky Grad student doing my PhD in India. I have always believed in the universe and the power of visualization. I think and truly believe thoughts become things, choose the right ones. I have lead my 27 years of life believing this and it feels great to see it work.

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